Most, if not all other, providers will split care, education and health up into separate components. We do not.

Learning is a life-long process not just a ‘home’, ‘classroom’ or ‘school’ process.  We take advantage of all opportunities open to us for extending learning across the 24 hour cycle. This means that all adults are ‘educators’ in the broadest sense and that all experiences relating to individuals can be planned, monitored and evaluated and used to ‘accredit’ learning. Indeed there are valuable skills and experience across the whole adult team. We take full advantage of this when planning and accounting for the learning ‘curriculum’. However this does not mean a woolly or diffuse approach to learning. Quite the opposite as you can see from our ‘Outcomes’ page.

We start with the child: learning should fit around the child, not the child be made to fit a narrow or rigid model of learning.

Our Belief in a Positive Psychology

At the centre of our approach is a ‘no limits’ highly personalised learning recovery package developed from the child’s Portfolio of Achievements and Needs. Our students need an holistic framework of care, nurture, support and guidance for them to start to re-engage in the learning process. Avocet House provides such a framework of high quality care and specific therapeutic interventions embedded in a highly personalised learning experience.

We accept no barriers to innovation, creativity and response in order to reawaken a passion for learning in each student.