Personalisation for Real

The idea of personalisation developed in the QCA publication, ‘Futures: Meeting the Challenge’ is fully brought to life and given meaning by:

  • setting high expectations and giving every learner confidence they can succeed
  • establishing what learners already know and build on it
  • structuring and pacing the learning experience to make it challenging and enjoyable
  • inspiring learning through passion for the subject
  • making individuals active partners in their learning
  • developing learning skills and personal qualities
  • enabling children to develop the skills they will need into independence

We have tried to incorporate our “no limits” philosophy with personalisation. This relies on re-exciting children with the idea of learning, starting from the child’s strengths, interests, talents and passions as the gateway to success. Similarly learning becomes something one does for oneself rather than something someone else does to you.

We believe that an individual’s capacity for learning is linked to their emotional well-being and that people learn in a variety of ways. We espouse an approach that allows for innovation and flexibility while guaranteeing an entitlement to high-quality learning outcomes.