COVID 19 UPDATE: Avocet House and Turnstone House remain open throughout the Covid 19 epidemic, all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our young people, staff and visitors.  Referrals continue to be accepted and any enquiries should be referred to the Principal, Vicki Collings.

Download our Covid 19 Action Plan for further information and for details of our remote education offer.


SES Kite commenced on 4 September 2020 providing a new provision for post 18 year olds.

Rigour & Precision

We demonstrate high expectations of every child, given practical form by high quality learning experiences based on a sound knowledge and understanding of each child’s achievements and needs. Each child has a Learning Mentor assigned to them from the Learning Centre team. This adult will regularly review the child’s progress as part of their Portfolio of Achievement and Needs (PAN). They work with the child and help shape learning around the way different youngsters learn; it means taking the care to nurture the unique talents of every pupil.  This is done in liaison with the child’s key worker – we believe learning is about life, not ‘school’.

We also believe that progress in some aspects of learning should be judged against the National Curriculum and a wide range of accreditation is available to all students.

We place high priority on the core skills of Literacy, Numeracy, Computing, Personal and Social Development, as well as a broad exposure to stimulating spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences. Beyond that the curriculum response is specific and individually tailored to make it relevant and motivating.  This is not a watered down approach. For one child who proved to have a talent for tennis we hired a professional coach for 1:1 work, another child wanted to learn Mandarin – we delivered it.

We aim to engage students in a skills based curriculum that recognises the importance of a deep understanding of subject content.  Therefore in consideration of each learner’s individual starting point, our curriculum planning leads towards ‘mastery’ of the learning skills necessary to access the more knowledge based content.

We are not bound by logistical structures that timetable large groups of students and classes – we can literally timetable each student individually with a personalised learning package. We are equally not bound by a ‘standard’ teaching day, but we do guarantee to provide 25hrs per week of education.