Key documentation (hard copies) are made available to parents/carers, social workers and local authority representatives as part of the admission process for a child. These will always be renewed upon request or when there is a change of social worker. Access to other documents is available by application to the office during the normal working day. We are particularly required to bring the availability of certain documentation to your notice:

  1. Particulars of the curriculum:
    • General Curriculum Statement
    • Subject Policy and Practice Documents
  2. Policies relating to:
    • Admissions
    • Bullying
    • Child Protection
    • Health and Safety
    • Promotion of Good Behaviour and Sanctions
    • Complaints procedures and data

The list of our documentation is a lengthy one. Should you have concerns or enquiries about any aspect of our policy and practice please contact the Principal, who will provide you with the appropriate documents and/or discuss any feature of them with you.

Curriculum Documents

Other Policy Documents