COVID 19 UPDATE: Avocet House and Turnstone House remain open throughout the Covid 19 epidemic, all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our young people, staff and visitors.  Referrals continue to be accepted and any enquiries should be referred to the Principal, Vicki Collings.

Download our Covid 19 Action Plan for further information and for details of our remote education offer.


SES Kite commenced on 4 September 2020 providing a new provision for post 18 year olds.


Parent/Carer A

“Thanks for all your help and support with ……., it is so much appreciated. We are all very proud of how ……. has come on this past year!”

Parent/Carer B

…….’s whole attitude to himself as a learner and to achieving has changed. Learning Centre staff have managed to get him to engage with the learning process. The way learning centre staff direct …….’s learning is excellent. They find ways around [his literacy problems] using ICT etc.

Social Worker

I have never heard the word “No” from Avocet House. They arrange and fund things on their own initiative and there seem to be no limits to what they will do for a child. The Avocet team just get on and do what should be done.

Avocet House has the right balance between being empathetic to where he is and what he has experienced and pushing him forward.

Avocet House has provided a long term placement with security and stability. The staff have stood by him despite what he presents to them, and have supported him in the loss of his family and facing the reality of his life history.

Independent Looked After Children Review Chairperson

In my 20 years in ……. I have rarely come across a residential home of the quality of Avocet House.

One of Avocet House’s strengths is its willingness to develop individual tailored programmes to best encourage and support residents. Generally nothing is too much trouble. If it might work, they try it.


‘When I came here I was a horrible child but I am now calmer, more sensible and ready to move on.’

Placing Authority

‘Avocet House has been a very positive learning experience for the young person…I view Avocet House as a centre of excellence and I rate them higher than any other establishment in the country.’