COVID 19 UPDATE: Avocet House and Turnstone House remain open throughout the Covid 19 epidemic, all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our young people, staff and visitors.  Referrals continue to be accepted and any enquiries should be referred to the Principal, Vicki Collings.

Download our Covid 19 Action Plan for further information and for details of our remote education offer.


SES Kite commenced on 4 September 2020 providing a new provision for post 18 year olds.


At SES we have fundamental beliefs that characterise an innovative approach to the nurture and personal development of the young people in our care. We create a synergy of health, care and education with a 24hr positive personalised learning culture and a philosophy that imposes ‘no limits’ on our aspirations for our children and their potential for positive change and development.

We have created a holistic therapeutic milieu available through the total care given to the young people by all the staff in the team, bringing the work of Dr Marjorie Franklin and David Wills with Planned Environment Therapy, into the 21st century.

Our sole aim is to promote positive outcomes and change for our young people and every experience at Avocet House is designed to help achieve this.

See here for more on Planned Environment Therapy

Our consultant therapists and educational psychologists work as part of the wider team to develop positive relationships and advise on and support individual transformational approaches with the child and family.

At SES we promote:

  • The “voice of the child”
  • A “no limits” thinking and a “can do” philosophy
  • Bespoke individual therapies where a specific need is clearly identified
  • Family therapy where agreed
  • A positive learning culture that energises children with active learning based on individual strengths, interests and passions. This is an all encompassing aspect of a child’s life over a 24 hr day
  • A nurturing experience at all times but in particular for an intensive period post admission
  • A commitment to support for the child in his relationship development and the growth of his perceptions of his responsibilities to others
  • The value of food in terms of production, nutritional value and consumption
  • The importance of the physicality and scale of the buildings and our responsibility to protect and respect our living space

The experience of living in a supportive and caring community, i.e. a group living experience more akin to familial living and domesticity as compared to institutionalisation, is also fundamental to the therapeutic process.