COVID 19 UPDATE: Avocet House and Turnstone House remain open throughout the Covid 19 epidemic, all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our young people, staff and visitors.  Referrals continue to be accepted and any enquiries should be referred to the Principal, Vicki Collings.

Download our Covid 19 Action Plan for further information and for details of our remote education offer.


SES Kite commenced on 4 September 2020 providing a new provision for post 18 year olds.

Executive Principal SES

June 2014

Following five successful and enjoyable years teaching in a residential special school in Norwich, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity of becoming the Head of Education at Avocet House in 2005. From the outset my aspiration was to establish a Learning Centre environment that enabled the team to deliver the SES no-limits vision to all students, without the constraints found within mainstream education. Our principal aim was to inspire young people by re-igniting their passion for learning through placing them at the centre of their personalised curriculum, with an emphasis on nurturing their gifts and talents. Leading the Learning Centre team in delivering innovative learning opportunities was an intensive but immensely rewarding journey, witnessing positive change and significant academic and personal progress for all young people. As Head of Education, being part of the team that consecutively achieved Ofsted “outstanding” judgments as both a school and children’s home was an intensely proud achievement, although I always had a strong desire to develop our education and learning further.

In 2013 I gained promotion, becoming Principal of Avocet House, providing the opportunity to further influence holistic practice and develop our already outstanding quality to a higher level. I strived to instill a belief across our whole team that all our young people possess the ability to develop into adults with the skills necessary to play a full and active role in life in the twenty first century. During my tenure as Principal, Avocet House delivered many incredible experiences for young people and our reputation as a centre of excellence continued to grow. Alongside this I was able to offer increasing strategic support to our sister establishment, Turnstone House.

In January 2017 my personal and professional journey with SES continued, progressing to the Executive Principal role across the whole company. I firmly believe that SES continues to deliver unique personalised care and education, and in my latest position I will be aiming to help the company continue its growth, creating new life opportunities for all of our current and future young people.