Principal (Avocet House)

I joined Specialist Education Services as a Deputy Care Manager in April 2005 when the company opened its first establishment, Avocet House. I was excited and inspired by the company’s vision and ‘no limits’ approach and believed passionately in their philosophy.

Throughout my time as a Deputy Care Manager I gradually gained knowledge, experience and professional development in management and leadership skills and learnt how to implement both aspects. I worked with families rebuilding relationships and helping reunification.

I drew on other professional bodies and consultants employed by SES to ensure that the team developed the necessary skills required to deliver a personalised approach to each young person’s learning and care.

The extensive development support I received helped me to grow professionally and it played a huge part in securing my promotion to the Head of Care role, followed by further success in being appointed to the Registered Manager at Avocet House.

In January 2017, after running an outstanding children’s home since 2009, I was confirmed as the new Principal at Avocet House.  This promotion provides further opportunity to support and motivate adults to implement the company’s “no limits philosophy” ensuring that Young People reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.