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Life-long learning

Most, if not all other providers will split care, education and health up into separate components. SES does not. Learning is a life-long process not just a ‘home’, ‘further education’ or ‘school’ process. SES starts with the young adult; learning should fit around them, they should not be made to fit into a pre-planned programme of education.

Each young adult receives a highly tailored package to suit their specific needs and requirements. There is a large emphasis placed on personal development, as well as a broad exposure to stimulating spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences.

Holistic care and education

SES provides highly specialist, integrated therapeutic care and education for young adults with complex behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties and associated learning needs.

Tower Hill is situated in the thriving market town of Beccles in Suffolk, within 30 minutes of the facilities of Norwich, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. There is also easy access to the Norfolk and Suffolk coastlines and countryside, giving many options for responding to the needs of our young adults.

Meet the Team

Therapeutic experience

SES has created a holistic therapeutic milieu available through the total care given to the young adults by all the staff in the team. It brings the work of Dr Marjorie Franklin and David Wills with Planned Environment Therapy, into the 21st century.

The experience of living in a supportive and caring community, is also fundamental to the therapeutic process. The stable and familiar environments provide children with surrounding akin to familial living.


At SES we have fundamental beliefs that characterise an innovative approach to the nurture and personal development of the young adults in our care. We create a synergy of health, care and education with a 24hr positive personalised learning culture and a philosophy that imposes ‘no limits’ on our aspirations for our young adults and their potential for positive change and development.

Our sole aim is to promote positive outcomes and change for our young adults and every experience at SES is designed to help achieve this.

At SES we promote:

  • The “voice of the young adult”
  • A “no limits” thinking and a “can do” philosophy
  • Bespoke individual therapies where a specific need is clearly identified
  • We believe in being inclusive not exclusive
  • Family therapy where agreed
  • A nurturing experience at all times but in particular for an intensive period post admission
  • A commitment to support for the young person in their relationship development and the growth of their perceptions of their responsibilities to others, we believe in a ‘can do’ philosophy
  • The value of food in terms of production, nutritional value and consumption
  • We are future orientated
  • The importance of the physicality of the accommodation and our responsibility to protect and respect our living space

The experience of living in a supportive and caring community, i.e. a group living experience more akin to familial living and domesticity as compared to institutionalisation, is also fundamental to the therapeutic process.

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