Turnstone House judged ‘good’ after only being open for less than 3 months

March 2013

“Young people have made significant progress in many areas since moving to this newly opened home.

Each young person has a highly individualised care and placement plan to which they have had significant input. This ensures individual needs are clearly identified and individual differences accepted and celebrated. These plans have helped promote positive outcomes in a very short period of time. Family relationships have been repaired and strengthened, and all young people now enjoy appropriate levels of family contact. Attendance in educational provision is excellent for most young people and very good for all, with improvements in attendance levels being noted weekly. Young people have begun to take responsibility for their health by reducing or completely stopping smoking, and they are aware of the importance of a healthy diet and appropriate exercise. They are beginning to plan their own appointments with social workers, showing an increased emotional maturity and level of responsibility.

Views of young people about the home are very positive. They are aware why they are living here and what the home offers in terms of helping them move towards an adult placement and independence. One social worker said: ‘I think it is a fantastic place and we’re so lucky to have this precious resource locally.'”

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