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Avocet House and Turnstone House

Our admission age range is 8 to 14 years, but we are able to accommodate young people up to 18 years of age where they stay on for transition to independence. 

We do not accept emergency admissions. 

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Supported Accommodation 16+ (Tower Hill)

Our admission age is 16 – 25, potential of placement post 25 dependent on individual circumstances and level of support required.  

Residential Accommodation 18+ (Tower Hill)

Our admission age is 18 – 25, potential of placement post 25 dependent on individual circumstances and level of support required.  

We do not accept emergency admissions.

Should the referral proceed, the relevant documentation is forwarded by the placing authority. Alternatively a placing authority may send documentation without making a prior enquiry, in which case contact will follow after examination of the paperwork.

Speculative enquiries and informal visits from key personnel in placement authorities are welcome by appointment. Referral discussions will take place at an Admissions Panel Meeting as to the suitability of the young person or adult for placement. This will be in liaison with our consultant professionals who offer a psychological, psychiatric and therapeutic perspective. Among likely factors under consideration will be: 

  • The match of the individual to the existing community
  • The range of learning and social needs of the young person referred
  • Any assessed healthcare needs
  • Risk assessments
  • The degree of care, educational and therapeutic support required in relation to identified needs
  • Family circumstances and any implications for continued support from the staff team

Both the needs of any new young person or adult, and the likely effects of their admission upon the existing group of residents are fully considered when making decisions in respect of all admissions. This is to ensure ‘best fit’ matching for all concerned and to ensure, as far as possible, no one presents a significant risk to the safety or developmental opportunities of any other. 

Confirmation of a possible place will only be made after full discussion and casework explorations have been made and then any visits to either establishment being considered by young person or adult, and family/carers. 

The Admission Panel considers applications. If initial assessment documentation indicates that SES may be able to meet the needs of the individual, an early planning meeting will be held. This affords the parent/carer, Social Worker, Psychologist and Local Authority representatives the opportunity to visit. If all parties agree on the appropriateness of the placement, an agreement will then be reached as to how to involve the young person or adult in the process. The assessment and admissions process will, in every case, be tailored to meet individual needs. 

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