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Turnstone House
Policies & Procedures

These will always be renewed upon request or when there is a change of social worker. Access to other documents is available by application to the office during the normal working day. We are particularly required to bring the availability of certain documentation to your notice:

Particulars of the curriculum:
  • General Curriculum Statement
  • Subject Policy and Practice Documents
Policies relating to:
  • Admissions
  • Bullying
  • Child Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Promotion of Good Behaviour and Sanctions
  • Complaints procedures and data

The list of our documentation is a lengthy one. Should you have concerns or enquiries about any aspect of our policy and practice please contact the Principal, who will provide you with the appropriate documents and/or discuss any feature of them with you.


SES Citizenship 0220
SES Computing 0220

SES DT 1020
SES EN 0621
SES GG 0220
SES HI 0220
MA 0220
SES MFL 0220
SES MU 0220
PE 1020
SES RE and CW 1020
SES RSE 1120
SES SCI 0220
SES Curric Intent Statement 0621
SES Internal Academic Qualifications Appeals Procedure Policy and Practice 1120
SES Internal Procedures Relating to Qualifications and Examinations 0421


SES Acceptable Use of Technology Pol and Prac 0921
SES Access and Visitors Pol and Prac 0520
SES Anti-bribery Pol and Prac 0820
SES Anti-Bullying Policy 0921
SES Avocet House Equality Accessibility Plan 2019 to 2021
SES BROCHURE and Statement of Purpose TH 0921
SES Careers, Information, Guidance and Advice Pol and Prac 0419
SES Children Missing from Care and Education Pol and Prac 0821
SES Communications Pol and Prac 0820
SES Complaints and Representations Pol and Prac 0820
SES Covid 19 Action Plan Update 18.08.21
SES Critical Incident Pol and Prac 0820
SES Data Protection Policy and Practice 0820
SES Data Subjects Rights Process Policy and Practice 0820
SES Educ Soc and Leisure Visits and Activities Pol and Prac 0820
SES Equality and Diversity Pol and Prac 1020
SES Financial Procedures Pol and Prac 0720
SES Grievance, Capability and Disciplinary Procedures 0821
SES Health and Safety Pol and Prac 0820
SES L and M in the DCM Role 0821
SES Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting Pol and Prac 0821

SES Mon, Eval’n and Review Pol and Prac 1219
SES Notification of Significant Events Policy and Practice 0821
SES Parents and Carers Complaints and Representations Pol and Prac 0620
SES Partnership with Families Pol and Prac 0820
SES Pay Policy 0821
SES Personal Data Breach Response and Notification Procedure Policy and Practice 0820
SES Personal Data Retention
and Erasure Policy and Schedule 0820
SES Personal Tutor Role 0420
SES Positive Management of Behaviour Pol and Prac 0520
SES Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Pol and Prac 0921
SES Promoting British Values 0820
SES Pupil Premium Statement 0121
SES Recruitment and Selection Policy and Practice 0921
SES Referral and Admissions Pol and Prac 0221
SES Reg 44 and 45 Procedures and Supporting Guidance 0621
SES Risk Assessment Policy 0521
SES Safeguarding and Child Protection Covid 19 Addendum 300720
SES Staff Attendance Pol and Prac 0321
SES Staff Support and Dev’t Prog 0221
SES TH Equality Information and Equality Objectives 1021
SES TH Safeguarding and Child Protection Pol and Prac 0921
SES TH Supporting Induction and Professional Practice in Care Roles 0821
SES The Management of Allegations and Concerns Regarding the Professional Conduct of Adults in Relation to Child and Young Adult Protection Pol and Prac 0921
The SES Way An Exploration of our Therapeutic Model 0720
SES Travel and Transport Pol and Prac 0621
SES Turnstone House Equality Accessibility Plan 2019 to 2021
SES Whistle Blowing 0820
SES Workforce Plan 0920
SES DP NOTICE for Professional Colleague
SES DP NOTICE for Medical Professional
SES DP NOTICE for Contractors

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