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Our consultants’ influence is carefully integrated into all aspects of the work with children from admissions, assessments, casework planning, bespoke individual interventions, training, and family therapy, to extending our “no limits” thinking and energising our innovation.

Individual therapeutic work with young people is based on a belief that there is a dynamic process operating in which the young person explores at their own pace those issues, past and current, conscious and unconscious, that are affecting their lives in the present. The young people’s inner resources are then enabled by the therapeutic process to bring about positive growth and change.

Dr Helena Bunn

Professional Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Research Methods, Psychology BSc., Expert Witness Training (British Psychological Society), Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (Cardiff University Law School), Certificate in Third Wave Cognitive Behaviour Therapies, Excellence in Management (Management Futures & Norfolk County Council), Therapeutic Storywriting (Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting), Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Education (BRIEF).

Helena is an educational psychologist and academic, whose core experience draws on multinational work focused on special educational needs, support systems for those in state care and asylum seekers, organisational consultancy and specialist assessment work. Helena’s practice incorporates aspects of developmental, positive and coaching psychology, with added know-how in legal proceedings and therapeutic approaches, and her published work reflects her professional interests.

Since joining the SES team of consultants, Helena has advised on organisational practices and individual approaches for children and young people, particularly in relation to learning scaffolding, neurodevelopmental and attachment characteristics and optimal life functioning. She has been instrumental in developing a new Personal, Emotional and Social Development framework which follows latest insights in mediated learning and positive psychology. Helena is developing her work at a variety of levels in SES, from consultancy at strategic meetings, to adult teams coaching and advice on specific matters related to individual students.

Ms Sharon Gray OBE

Education Consultant

Sharon is  currently an Education Consultant at Wholehearted Learning, a co-opted member of ‘engage in their future’ – representing special schools nationally for young people experiencing severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties , a member of the Youth Justice Board strategic overview for education in custody and the development of our first secure school.

Sharon’s work and purpose is in taking systemic approach to help adults, teams, school, communities, local authorities to create environments that enrich the emotional well-being, creativity and learning of children and young people. The focus is to release a child’s innate desire to learn and for them to discover joy in their learning and so achieve the best outcomes possible. Working with staff, she aims to enable and facilitate transformational working practices with those working in mainstream settings and specialist settings, with vulnerable children, young adults and their families, who face multiple challenges, including, mental health difficulties, inequality, poverty, challenging behaviour and addiction. She has been a Headteacher for 18 years. This includes 12 years headship leading special schools including residential units for children and young people experiencing severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH) and 6 years as the Headteacher of a larger than average mainstream school with an enhanced provision for children excluded from other schools due to experiencing significant social emotional and mental health difficulties, two nurture units and a provision for vulnerable 2 year olds. During this time she became the Executive Head whilst supporting an additional school in need.

Sharon has been an Ofsted inspector for 9 years and a BSO accredited inspector. This enabled her to have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the inspection process and gain new ideas and insights from different schools.

Her philosophy is one of authentic inclusion.  She aims for everyone within the community that she works with to see themselves as a responsible and vital part of securing positive outcomes for all.  She works systemically to enable everyone to be a successful leader and a lifelong learner.

Ursula Harben

Systemic Psychotherapist

Diploma in Systemic Therapy (Roehampton Institute), Certificate in Counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation), Certificate in Developing Counselling Skills (Norwich Centre), Diploma in Business Studies (University of Aix-en-Provence/French Institute, London).

For the last 19 years Ursula has been a Systemic Psychotherapist in the NHS (Child and Family Mental Health). She has worked clinically with families and with adults in many different settings including eating disorders, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders. Ursula supervises and trains professionals who are working in multi-agency contexts with severely distressed and disturbed children and young people where there has been little optimism for change.

Dr Kate Sillifant (and Associates)

Consultant Child Psychiatrist

Kate is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with 13 years’ experience of working as a Consultant within the NHS. Kate now dedicates her working life to independent practice. She has experience of managing young people with a wide range of mental health difficulties.

Clinically she incorporates her medical and psychiatric training into a whole systems approach to working with children and families, taking into account the many interacting factors that contribute to a young person’s difficulties. Specialist areas of interest and expertise include the assessment and management of developmental disorders, family therapy and supporting the mental health needs of Looked After Children. Kate offers her skills to the courts as an expert witness in private and public law cases. She has extensive experience of clinical leadership, teaching, training, supervision, service and strategic development, both within and across organisations.

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