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We would be delighted to see you at our stand located at the top of the terraces at Norwich City Football Club on Thursday 14 September. If you are considering a career with us it is an ideal place to make initial contact, learn more about the company and discuss your preferred role. We look forward to seeing you!

It’s been a good year for one of our young people, who has has not only nailed his Functional Skills Level 2 English (equivalent to a grade 4 GCSE pass), but has also passed his driving test on his first attempt!

He started driving in an off-road facility and, after only one lesson, was out on the road. He took 20 weekly lessons then an intensive four day course (another 20 hours). Needless to say, we are all super proud of him!

He drove very well and impressed the examiner (those were her words). He absolutely deserves his licence as he worked very hard and was always attentive. I have been instructing for over 30 years, but with him passing, it’s one of the most satisfying and rewarding courses I have done.

Driving instructor, M

He’s such a pleasant lad and it was a real pleasure to be part of his journey to becoming more independent ……… just really happy for him and so glad we could help

Driving instructor, L

Following an adventurous and unusual Jamboree, our intrepid Scout has returned home.  There were various issues encountered while in South Korea, as many will have seen reported in the media; they experienced flooding; extreme temperatures which led to issues with water and sanitation; reports of typhoon Khanun and a mass evacuation from the original site.  Fortunately there were contingency plans in place, but the Scouts and leaders had more than their fair share of potentially serious incidents to deal with. 

Despite the ups and downs he managed the whole three weeks, has had the adventure of his life and has met thousands of other Scouts from all around the world. He has taken part in many amazing cultural activities organised by both the Scout Association and the Korean authorities after they had to move back to Seoul. These weren’t always the activities they were expecting, but were enjoyable nonetheless!

Safe to say, it will be a trip he will never forget!

Dancing to K-pop
Helping to bang the gong

Following months of preparation and fund-raising, one of our young people excitedly departed the UK to join 40,000 scouts from all over the world as they gathered in South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree.

Despite feeling a bit apprehensive about the huge journey ahead, and a few nerves about being away from home, he was packed and ready to set off to Norwich Airport in the early hours of the morning.

He arrived in good time and joined the other 40 local Scouts and Guides, they were quite a force and other passengers at the airport were not prepared for that much excitement so early in the morning!

SES staff had explained what he should expect at the airport and the various security procedures he would have to go through, although it was a bit surprising when his walking boots set off the metal detector!

The first stage of the journey was to fly to Amsterdam for a rather tedious wait for the next plane. We are all looking forward to finding out about the adventures he will have while in South Korea………..

Scout Jamboree
Spot the bright, white t-shirts…….

On a sunny day in July, five boys and five adults took part in Bubble Rush 2023 held at the Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich.  They had to endure a 5km run through 4 bubble stations of various colours.

It was a fun day out that everyone enjoyed and raised £68 for East Anglian Children’s Hospices!

2023 saw the 5th annual ‘Attitude Festival’.  Held onsite at Turnstone House, full use was made of the fantastic grounds with many outdoor activities being enjoyed across the two day event.  The children could get involved in: kite flying, camp fire cooking, arts and crafts, relaxing in hammocks, face painting, henna tattoos, football matches, African drumming and fishing in one of the ponds.

On one evening a band ‘Local Foreigners’ arrived to entertain everybody with music and dancing.  Food was all enjoyed outside, with a visit from the ice cream van and meals prepared on the barbecue.

The impromptu campsite catered for nine children and fifteen adults with other visitors arriving across the two days.  It was another fantastic event with lots of chatting and laughing all round!

At the beginning of July staff dressed themselves up as Pokemon characters and hid around the neighbouring village in a real life Pokemon hunt!  It was the amazing idea of one of our Deputy Care Managers, who knew how much our young people love the game and wanted to bring it to life for them.  Staff were immediately enthusiastic about the whole idea and got to work making and buying costumes, showing true commitment to the plan.

Some of the Pokemon ‘hid’ in very public places and caused amusement to passers-by, with lots of car horns being sounded!  The young people loved searching for the characters and, once they had found a real-life Pokemon, they got to throw a Pokeball to catch them and collect a puzzle piece.  After collecting all nine pieces they were awarded a prize.  Not only was this a fantastic day filled with hilarity from all involved (any many that weren’t), but the young people were able to develop their map reading skills too.  We are bound to see this event happening again in the future!

Found one!
All nine Pokemon, ready to Go!

At the end of June the teaching staff took a group of children to the Royal Norfolk Show, held annually near Norwich since 1847.  There were over 700 trade stands, 3000 animals and it is Norfolk’s biggest food and drink experience with hundreds of attractions and activities.

There was a lovely atmosphere at the show and the children all enjoyed the food and drinks hall.  Special attention was paid to the armed and emergency services stands, where our young people engaged with the professionals there and enjoyed exploring the different types of vehicles on display.

Country fun

Sunday 28 May saw the first Avocet House fete to be held in the grounds of the home.  It was a lovely sunny day before the Bank Holiday Monday (not so sunny!) and everyone waited with anticipation, not having a clue about how many people would attend.

We needn’t have worried, plenty of people from the nearby village arrived and the garden quickly filled up with those from the local community, young people from Turnstone House, staff, friends and family.  There was a lovely, friendly feeling as everyone mingled and chatted around the various stalls, which included; football shootout, craft table, face painting, bric-a-brac, tombola and our very own palm reader!  Food was abundant, with a groaning table full of cakes made by the young people and freshly prepared Thai food.

The day was an incredible success and a fantastic community event due to the hard work and dedication of the adults and young people involved. Since the fete we have received some lovely feedback from members of the local community who came to enjoy the day. 

We raised an incredible £845.71 for the British Heart Foundation!!

Community fete
So many cakes……..
Palm reader