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Jamboree update!

Following an adventurous and unusual Jamboree, our intrepid Scout has returned home.  There were various issues encountered while in South Korea, as many will have seen reported in the media; they experienced flooding; extreme temperatures which led to issues with water and sanitation; reports of typhoon Khanun and a mass evacuation from the original site.  Fortunately there were contingency plans in place, but the Scouts and leaders had more than their fair share of potentially serious incidents to deal with. 

Despite the ups and downs he managed the whole three weeks, has had the adventure of his life and has met thousands of other Scouts from all around the world. He has taken part in many amazing cultural activities organised by both the Scout Association and the Korean authorities after they had to move back to Seoul. These weren’t always the activities they were expecting, but were enjoyable nonetheless!

Safe to say, it will be a trip he will never forget!

Dancing to K-pop
Helping to bang the gong