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Learning Culinary Skills in the Great British Fruit Off!

Throughout the Spring Term, young people at Avocet House have been learning about West Africa and the historical Kingdom of Benin. As part of this, they have been exploring the food and culture of West Africa and have weekly cooking sessions planned to help them in learning culinary skills and techniques. 

At the end of February we took this a step further with the Great British Fruit Off! 

Learning Culinary Skills

With a broad and exciting array of fruits young people were given the challenge to design and create an amazing fruit creation, suitable for use as a centre piece in a 5 Star hotel or banquet! Points would be given for the range of fruits, creativity, knife and carving skills, height and ambitious structure. 

One of our Child Care Practitioners has experience of 5 Star catering and was asked to be the Judge; with such a high level of quality throughout, this was no easy task!

A plate of Fruit - learning culinary skills
Fruit Pokeball master plate
Exotic fruit plate