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Jamboree presentation
UPDATE World Scout Jamboree presentation

In April our adventurous Scout took his presentation to the Rotary Club in Lowestoft. They were delighted to hear all about his travels and found his presentation excellent, stating ‘the easy way you fielded and answered questions was remarkable for someone of your age’.

They also commented ‘Of all the donations we have made over the last two years, this was the one that has given me the greatest pleasure’.

What a great testimony celebrating the adventures of our young person!

On Wednesday 29 November 2023 our intrepid explorer hosted two presentations to just under 70 people, all keen to hear how his trip to South Korea had gone.  He had spent two months producing the most amazing presentation of his whole Jamboree journey. 

The presentation lasted about 40 minutes and included a ‘Question time’ at the end. He hosted both events extremely well and received many compliments on his delivery and how he dealt with all the questions.

“The three Rotarians who attended the presentation were delighted with the way they were welcomed, and by the entire evening.  His presentation was excellent and his positivity shone through” Rotary President

“He spoke passionately about the impact scouting and the World Scout Jamboree had on him……he delivered his presentation with confidence and with a great sense of humour.  He would be a great role model for other care experience young people.” Norfolk Virtual School Advisor