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Outstanding again!

Ofsted inspectors visited Avocet House in December 2023, when staff and young people were excitedly preparing for the Christmas period. The inspection carried on around the preparations and we are delighted to share with you the latest social care inspection report for Avocet House.

Avocet House has carried a continuous pattern of an Outstanding judgement as a school and/or children’s home for the vast majority of its 19 years existence. We are delighted this pattern has continued and believe this particular report is the strongest we’ve had in respect of recognising and acknowledging the outstanding practice and efforts of the team and the outcomes for children.

Parents describe the staff’s support as being ‘beyond their expectations’ and ‘life-changing’. Parents said that they are ‘blown away’ by the richness of children’s day-to-day experiences. They said that communication with staff is excellent and that children make ‘phenomenal’ all-round progress from their starting points.

Ofsted report December 2023