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Recently at SES we updated our Portfolio of Need learning model for young people to a brand new way of thinking, it’s called My Journey.  Important areas to focus on for each young person have been divided into six sections, which include adults identifying and addressing gaps in early childhood development.  We are enabling this through various therapeutic approaches, one of them being Thrive.

It was agreed we would hold Thrive-based activities, specifically designed with each young person in mind, every Wednesday afternoon.  Our care team will work closely with teaching staff to ensure activities are varied and tailored for the young person’s needs.

The activities will be focussed on filling the gaps in their emotional development while addressing any troubling behaviours.  One of our young people is shown here filling a balloon with baked beans, working on cooperation, resilience, fun, problem solving and self-esteem.  He was very proud of his achievement and showed his completed effort to every adult on site!

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